Our purpose is to advance the school’s mission. Our desire is to develop Christian character in our student athletes. The athletic staff is dedicated to help mentor and encourage the student athletes in their endeavors not only in the athletic area but also in the classroom, community, at home, and church. The purpose is to help the students develop Christian lifestyle that will go with them the rest of their lives.

Goals for ACS Athletic Department

  1. To pursue with excellence as an athletic program that most of all glorifies God. To develop highly competitive programs and first-class facilities.
  2. To develop training in our elementary and junior high school programs that will prepare our students for varsity level competition.
  3. To develop a training system beginning in the elementary school that will instruct our faculty, staff, parents, and students in the philosophy and expectations of our athletic department.
  4. To use athletics to share Jesus Christ with those who do not know Him.

ACS Team Commitment Policy

  1. All athletes must maintain a “C” average or higher throughout the sports season.
  2. Student athletes are expected to be on time for every practice and competition. Any absence or tardiness for a practice and/or a competition should be communicated directly to the head coach of that sport. This teaches the ACS student athletes a level of responsibility, commitment, and good sportsmanship toward their fellow teammates and coaches. Missing practices also places a greater burden on those at practice and hurts the team’s effectiveness during games.
  3. Respect for officials, authority figures, facilities, property, and other teammates is expected at all times. Discipline for these violations may include immediate removal from game, practice, or match and student conference with A.D. and/or coach (es).
  4. Cursing and/or inappropriate language is absolutely unacceptable and may result in game suspension, as well as probation or dismissal from the team and/or school.
  5. The ACS athletic handbook must be read and each athlete and his/her parent/guardian must sign statement papers.
  6. Students who are absent from school, or are not present for the entirety of the school day may only participate in extra-curricular activities during that day at the discretion of the athletic director.
  7. Uniforms are property of Apostolic Christian School. The student athlete may not wear the uniform unless authorized by the coach.
  8. Athletes are scheduled to arrive at all games an hour prior to the start of the game or under the guidelines set by the coach. All athletes must ride with the team to and from away games.


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