Parental involvement is encouraged and even needed in some instances. Parents who are not employed by the school are considered volunteers. However, all volunteers are subject to school policies and procedures. It is the responsibility of the parents to familiarize themselves with school policy. It is the responsibility of the supervising teacher to ensure that all volunteers have been given a student handbook and instructed in their roles and responsibilities.


Volunteers who work in fundraising or other school-related activities are responsible for the work they have been assigned. Standard staff policy and procedures apply to all volunteers, including absences, tardiness, appearance and behavior. While ACS appreciates the time and efforts given by volunteers, the school has a responsibility to maintain a healthy, positive, Christian atmosphere that is orderly and productive.

Field Trips

Parents are sometimes requested to accompany their child’s class and teacher on a field trip. Parents may serve as chaperones for school-related field trips or may just accompany for personal reasons. Parents who serve as chaperones or who accompany their child’s class on a field trip are responsible for their own expenses and travel to and from the school before and after the field trip. Parents may ride the bus with their children during the field trip if space is available. Written permission slips are required for all students participating in a field trip. Permission slips must be obtained for a specific field trip on a specific date and time. Students who do not return signed permission slips will not be allowed to go on the field trip. Students not attending field trips will be counted absent for the day. Parental chaperones and student drivers are not allowed to drive their vehicles to or from field tips or to transport other students to or from field trips without express consent of ACS administration.

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