The following is a brief history, in Bishop McCool’s own words, chronicling the factors which led him to found First Apostolic Church, Apostolic Christian School, and Apostolic Kiddie Academy.

The year was 1957. Sister McCool and I were a young evangelistic team in revival in North Little Rock, Arkansas. We preached and sang each night at 2nd and Buckeye Street, where Bishop A. O. Holmes was the pastor. Each morning at 8:30 a.m. we ministered to the Christian school in a live radio program. The theme song for the radio program was “Crying Holiness unto the Lord.”

Experiencing a move of God through these students was a mighty inspiration to me. One night very late, I went to the church to pray. While I was in deep prayer, God laid Knoxville, Tennessee on my heart.

I saw in my spirit a Christian school and day care center. I cancelled all of our revivals and headed for Knoxville. With an old fashioned tent revival, God allowed the founding of First Apostolic Church. It was a number of years before the new church was strong enough to sponsor a Christian school and day care center.

In the early seventies, Apostolic Kiddie Academy and Apostolic Christian School became a reality. With the help of precious dedicated helpers, we have seen hundreds come through this ministry.

As we approach the coming of the Lord, we must not be weary in well doing, but continue with renewed vigor and dedication. We are now ministering to later generations who have a far more Godless and dangerous world with which to deal. Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me and forbid them not for such is the kingdom of heaven.”

The challenge is greater than ever before, so we must increase our efforts and continue our resolve to reach our young people through Christian education.

Pastor Mark McCool came into our lives November 10, 1958. He has continued faithfully through his life to further this ministry. He, along with his wife Jamie, daughter Ashley and son Anthony are dedicated leaders of First Apostolic Church, Apostolic Christian School, and Apostolic Kiddie Academy.

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